Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bacon and Egg Fried Rice

My husband really love fried rice specially the shrimp and chicken fried rice. He would ask me to make some once in a while, He even want to put it in his egg white burrito breakfast every morning. Well that is his favorite breakfast eversince and he eat that every single morning. I used to make it without fried rice on it but eversince i tried to put some on it he would always ask for it that is why i always make fried rice, most of the time just a simple and plain garlic fried rice.

A couple days ago i can't think of anything to eat for my lunch. It was already about 1 pm and i haven't eat lunch yet. I wasn't in the mood for anything so i went to the kitchen and when i open the fridge i saw the bacon. Hmmm.... kinda crave for it. It's been a long time since i never had bacon. But i don't wanna eat it plain so i thought i am going to make fried rice and put that bacon and some eggs on it. First time ever! I also put some carrots and corn and dash it with green onions afterwards. I sprinkle it with the "AjiGinisa" seasoning which my sister sent to me on a package last December. Voila! I had a very good lunch.. So yummy!

My husband never had this kind of fried rice before, He says.. "there's no such thing like that!"

I told him well have some and tell me how is it! After eating a plateful of it He asked for more..

See? he likes it too.. I even saved some for his egg burrito for breakfast and he really like it.

Yesterday he told me... "You better make some of those fried rice again today for my burrito."

So what else can i do but to make more... since i was out of corn i used green peas instead and it's still freakin good!

Well it just take some experimentation to make a good meal sometime..

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