Monday, November 24, 2008

New Place

We are finally in our new place, new home and new environment here in Aurora, Colorado. We travelled for two days, it went smooth and we got here safe and sound. We spend the first night at Sheridan, Wyoming and we made it here to Denver the next night. So now we are not yet done putting away everything. our new apartment is still crazy but we're almost done.Theres just a few things left to put away but aside from that everything is fine. We are getting ourself familiarize with our new place since we do not know around here yet so we decided to buy a GPS. So it would be more convenient for us to find a place and go anywhere we want. It's really a big help. I think my husband and i will really have a big adjustment not only with the place but also with the people. unlike in Spokane, Washington you barely see mexicans and black people but here you can see them everywhere. so it's kinda mix when it comes to the people here. There are many different races in this state. I also saw many asians like me.

So far i kinda like this place better cuz we are just so close to many stores, mall and restaurant. I was able to find a new doctor so i made an appointment right away cuz i can't wait to know how's my baby doing inside my tummy. i'm already on my 13th week and my tummy is getting bigger already. Well, i will keep you updated regarding my pregnancy and also with our new world.

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