Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's Time to say Goodbye!

Yesterday was my last day of work at JC Penney. It was a very nice day for me, for the last time i did my job so well. i have learned a lot of things and i am so thankful for the chance they have given me. The experience was incredible especially that i worked with different people, i mean americans. I was the only filipina in our workplace but i was never treated differently among others. They treated us all equal with no descrimination. I was happy with my job cuz my co-workers were all so helpful. They teach me everything that i need to know around the job. I met new friends too, and for sure i'm gonna miss them. I will never forget the experience i had with my first job. and i will also miss the place. I felt sad when it's time for me to go home and give back my name badge, and everything that belongs to them. i wanted to stay a little longer but i can't cuz it'll only make me more sad. But anyhow, my friends gave me a hug and didn't forget to gave me their contact informations so we still get in touch though we wouldn't see each other anymore for a long time since next week we are off to denver. A new place, new home and new environment.


Lara said...

Good luck for moving to a new home in Colorado.

Ilocana said...

Gee Gles! Pati ako I felt sad na rin... So your moving to Denver,Colorado? Yayks, lamig doon! Anyway, I'm sure you'll find new friends there. It's hard at first but then eventually it will get better. So, take care and have a safe moving trip to Denver. Be happy always Sis.^_^