Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just a Lazy Sunday!

It's been a while since i updated my blog, there was just so many things going on right now. First thing is that we just moved to a new place so we are on the process of adjusting. We do not know anybody from here and never meet anyone yet. But i believe we will one of these days, it takes time maybe! Second is with my pregnancy that is making me so lazy sometimes. well actually i feel weird. i am already on my way to second trimester which is suppose to be a good news cuz i have passed the most delicate part of pregnancy already which is the first trimester. but that is not what i am meant, what i am trying to say is that i am beginning to feel more picky with foods and i hate to smell a lot of things now. but so far i can still handle it. third is the weather, with this kind of weather with all the snow oh boy i just wanted to curl up in bed all day. Or maybe i am really being lazy. but anyhow, i still manage to do the dropping of ec's to those who dropped on mine. thanks guys!! I guess i'll be having a lot more time blogging again since i already stop working. i have to focus with my situation right now, a lot of extra care. And aside from that i can take care of my husband's needs again. cuz to tell you honestly when i was working i don't have much time to cook for him anymore unlike before. But now i'm back to being the house manager again!!

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