Friday, November 7, 2008

First Ultrasound

Today was my appointment for my early ultrasound. It was a very happy moment for me and my husband cuz we've seen our little baby. Very tiny yet the heart beats so fast at 179 per minute. I can't describe the happiness i felt that i was about to cry cuz i can finally breath and feel at peace. Now i know that there is a little heart beating inside my womb. The smile on my husbands face just never fade while looking at the ultrasound's picture and even more when he heard the heartbeat. He even cracked a joke to the baby saying " relax baby mom and dad is here!" He is so goofy. We were so excited and so we decided to break in the news to his family in Iowa. They are glad to hear the news especially my parents in law. They said that they feel like they are in cloud nine. They are so ready to have another little one in the amily since their youngest grandchild is now 6 years old. They are also hoping for a girl and so we are. If its so, then its gonna be the first girl grandchild in their family.

Now i have to be really very careful. This baby is now our life. We are praying that he/she will always be fine and in good health as she grow inside. Well that will be depend on me on what i eat and do right?! haha! I will never harm my baby, i have started to love him/her and no matter what happens i will never give up on my baby. We are just so ready to have him/her in our life!!


Twerlyn said...

hi Gles! congratulations! I know the feeling..take care..=)

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Lara said...

Isn't it amazing to hear our baby's tiny heartbeat? How many weeks preggy are you? I'm hoping for a baby girl too,