Friday, April 10, 2009

32 Weeks Update

Yaay! few more weeks to go!! So yesterday i had my doctors visit. I told the nurse that my blood pressure went up last monday night. I had a headache and i felt like puking and a little bit dizzy. I knew right away that my BP is high when i feel those symptoms. Although it doesn't happen very often it was the feeling i had the first time my BP went up some years ago. So the nurse took my BP (as usual) and told me that my my BP is still high and even higher than last tuesday when my hygienist (we went to the dentist tuesday morning) took my BP. I had to give them a urine sample for them to test and they also draw blood for additional test just incase i have the symptoms of pre-elampsia. But thank God all the test result were normal. I am not at risk of pre-eclampsia. So now i am really very cautious of what i eat. As much as possible i am avoiding foods with too much salt. I always read the labels before i eat a certain food. I was thinking that maybe the "dilis" dried anchovy i had last monday night triggered my BP to go up. I am almost at the finish line of pregnancy so i have to be very careful with what i eat and everything cuz i don't wanna have any complications and problems with my labor and delivery. I am not looking forward to that c-section process. I wanna deliver my baby naturally and normal. So on tuesday neext week i willgo back to clinic again for a nurse visit. They will take my BP again to see if it goes back to normal. Which i am hoping it would.


Anonymous said...

thats not good mas ok pa yung mababa kesa mataas ok have a good friday and take care

dyanis said...

hello gles hope everything is fine & your always safe.Happy easter din sorry medyo late na yung pag bati ngayon ko lang naharap ang computer!!thanks take care!!