Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our First Day of Spring

Finally winter is over! yes! Yesterday spring season has started. The weather was so nice so we spent our day outside. We went out for a drive and later on decided to watch a movie in the theater but we got there so early so my husband thought of getting a haircut since it's been over a month when he had his last haircut. We found a salon nearby the cinema so we went there. just in time when he was done the movie was about to start. We watched "I Love You, Man" a funny movie. We both enjoy it! After the movie we went to an asian market to buy some things. He's been asking me to make a filipino style spaghetti for a long time. He likes it more than the american style spaghetti. Because it is a little bit sweeter and creamier. So last night that was our dinner. He likes it with a garlic bread on the side. He dip it on the sauce. And it's been a long time since i made it and i also miss it. So that's how we spent first day of spring. How about you?

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