Sunday, March 22, 2009

Almost Hated Him!

So today i asked my husband if we can go out and take a walk at the trail nearby since the weather was really nice. But he says we'd rather go to a park for a walk so i said ok. So he looked up for a park and found one. This afternoon we went out and head to the park but when we got there we have to pay to go in. Crap!! it is a state park why do we have to pay? we are already paying state and city taxes. So we turn around and drove away. All i wanted was a short walk as exercise. I need it cuz i am already getting closer to my baby's arrival. So as much as possible i wanted to go for a walk for at least half an hour a day.

So what happened was my husband just kept on driving uncertain of where to go. Looking for a park where we could go for a walk. Until we drove farther and farther looking for a place to go. I am getting pissed off! But i kept my mouth shut cuz i don't wanna argue with him. I was thinking i should have went to the trail nearby our apartment. i don't wanna sit in the car for a long time cuz i feel uncomfortable and i hate it when we hit a bumpy road.

He just kept on driving around, The thing was we were not doing a walk instead we were doing a joy ride! interesting! but that's not what i want. I want to go for a walk! Darn it!! After maybe almost an hour or so we stop by a store to pee and buy some stuff we need. Just a few. Then we hit back to the road and stop by a place to eat. But i wasn't really hungry cuz i ate my lunch before we leave. But i still ordered something small to eat. He eat lunch!

After that we were back on the road heading back home. I really just wanted to go back home. pissed off! We took another route and i spotted a lake that looks like close to a park, so i told him. We went there and i was right! There is a park with a lake where some people were having picnic, fishing, walking, running and kids playing. Yaayyy!! At last we can take a walk. Not bad at all! So we walked all the way round the lake. it took us about almost 30 minutes to walk around the lake.

Hmmm... i felt better. not pissed anymore! haha! i got what i wanted. I almost hated my husband today. I started to pout already when i thought i can't go for a walk. crazy me! Well, he should understand that i really need exercise everyday now. Next time i ask him, i will insist that we will just go to the trail nearby. I just a need a short walk not a long drive. get it??

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