Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finally , I Can Sleep!

I have posted before about sleeping positions specially at night. I have been having trouble sleeping since i can't lay on my back because i am pregnant and the best sleeping position adviced by my doctor is to sleep either sides. But it is best on the left side. But then i can't get comfortable because i am a back sleeper. But now, i can finally sleep! I looked up pregnancy pillows online and i found the one i was looking for. It is a back and belly pillow, it is really a big help since it support both my back and belly. I am sleeping like a baby eversince i am using it. The only problem is that it is huge and it almost covered all the space in our bed. We have a queen bed. Now my husband is the one having problem sleeping cuz he can't lay down comfortably because of my pillow. lol!

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dyanis said...

hey mukhang masarap gamitin yan ha!!