Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog Update and Our Weather

We are having a very bad weather today. It's spring but it's snowing and we already have like 5 inches of snow outside. This is the worse snow storm we've had this year. So we didn't go anywhere, we just stayed home and watch a movie. The weather condition will stay like this until tomorrow but i hope that it will get better later in the afternoon. i need to go buy a thread for my crosstitch. After 2 years im still working on it. That is what i am getting busy of lately since my husband is hugging the laptop all day because he just signed up for a facebook account and he is getting addicted to it. He is trying to search some of his long lost friends. I can only get to use the laptop when his eyes gets tired and sore. So here i am just trying to update my blog.. just writing something that would fill in my absences. And oh sorry for not dropping ec's lately, there seems to be a problem on their site cuz it won't log me in. I will try again today.

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