Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Showing Off... Exciting!

Today marks the fourth month of my pregnancy. I am so happy and excited because in a few weeks we will be able to figure out the baby's gender. I am just waiting for the call from the Prenatal Diagnosis and Genetics to schedule my date of appointment. It's pretty different here from the state we moved from. They should call me within this week so i am patiently waiting, But if they won't i'll call them fri. Besides its been almost three weeks since the last time they saw me for my OB visit. Oh well! My tummy is already showing off too, now i can see the bump! hehe! And i can now feel some of the baby's movement. It feels amazing! I can't wait for a harder kick! oh ya, some of my friends who were into pregnancy before told me that i'll cry when i feel that hard kick cuz it also hurts especially if the baby keeps on moving. I should prepare myself for that. haha!

My husband is also getting more and more excited as my tummy gets bigger. What's funny is that he really put his mouth so close to my tummy when he talk to our baby. And sometimes he practices how to carry a baby and ask me some questions like how to make the baby burp! i can really see that he is also preparing himself for everything. He even wanted to register for prenatal educational programs like "Infant and Child CPR" which is i think really important. And the "Newborn Parenting" because we are both first time parents to be. So we will be working on that pretty soon, just so glad that my husband thinks of these very important things and really suggests we should do it. We don't have any relatives living close to us so its just the two of us who will be taking care of our baby. I hope my parents in law will come and stay for a while with us. We are just so excited everyday and everybody in the family can't wait for the big news sometime next month. The baby's gender!

Okey i will post more about my pregnancy development next time to keep you all updated. At this time.. so far everything is doing alright! ciao.

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