Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Crave for Pinakbet

I've been in the states for a year and a half now, and i've been missing a lot of filipino dishes. I could only cook filipino dishes once in a while if i have the ingredrients that i need for a certain recipe. One of those dishes that i have been craving for a long long time is the pinakbet, our very own ilocano dish. i really miss my mom's cooking. I have been wanting to cook it. I got so lucky today cuz here in Colorado i found a big oriental store called H-Mart. They say it is the biggest oriental store here in Colorado. Well i guess so cuz it is really huge, been there just once since we moved here. I was so happy though cuz i found all the filipino foods and veggies that i have been craving for a long time. I got all the ingredients for pinakbet, dilis, also got bangus ( milkfish) what's the best is that they will be the one to clean it for you and even cut the way you want it. i had it cut for daing! yum! Also got frozen grated cassava, i am planning of making cassava cake one of these days. i know my husband likes it! I even bought guava, been looking for it. and sweet tamarind. Oh boy! i am really so happy i found those foods. I've been whining to my husband for a long time that i wanted filipino veggies. Now my mouth is shut! haha! So today, i cook pinakbet for my lunch and it's gonna be good for a few days since i cooked a lot. Well it makes a lot if all the veggies are mixed together. I cooked it the way my mom make it. And it turned out so so good! yum yum!!

I didn't really measure everything, it depends on how much veggies you want to use. And i also used ground pork on this one.

Ground pork
Long string beans ( sitaw), about 2"lenghts
Squash ( kalabasa),seeded and cut into wedges
Eggplant (talong),cut into wedges
Bitter gourd (ampalaya), seeded and cut into wedges or depends on how you like
Okra, cut diagonally
Garlic, minced
Onions or shallot, sliced
Tomatoes, sliced
Cooking oil, 2-3 tablespoons
Salted fish sauce (bagoong isda), 3 tablespoons or depends on your taste
Water, 3 cups ( you can add more or less) it all depends on how much veggies you cook


Heat cooking oil in a wok, sautee garlic, onions/shallot and tomatoes. then add the ground pork, sautee until brown or done. Add salted fish and water. You can always adjust the taste by tasting it, it depends on how salty or saucy you want it. but i dont want it too much sauce on it so i didn't add more water.
Stir a little bit then add all the veggies. Cover and let it simmer until the veggies are all cooked. Serve hot with steamed rice. Enjoy!

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Marie said...

Hi Gles,

I just want to know where is the H-Mart located.... sang street ba yan sa Colorado!

Papuntahan nga! Di pa kasi ako nakapunta jan.