Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Out of Boredom

It's been a while since i posted here in my blog. I don't know but i have been so lazy to update it. It's like theres really nothing goin on for me to write about. Nothing at all comes to my mind. i am just contented in hopping and reading others blog and posts, dropping some ec's though not much. i don't even wanna grab some opps for the reason that it's not challenging anymore to write because of the small amount they offer for a task. Blogging is also affected by economic crisis.

Well, i have been thinking lately to delete my blog but then i realized i should just keep it... Since it's also a good place for me to rant and vent sometimes. and i wanted to have my own place on the web. Besides this is a personal blog. i can write anything that comes to my mind anytime out of boredom maybe. lol!

Anyway, latest update with my pregnancy... I just had my appointment yesterday. And everything is doin really great with our little one. The heartbeat is normal at 151 bpm, my doctor also measured the height of the fundus and she told me eveything is normal. She also advised me just to maintain my weight right now so i wont go overweight cuz i started at 98 lbs with my pregnancy and now i weighed 122 lbs. so that's it! She told me so i wont have a lot of weight to lose after i give birth.

So on to our next appointment i'll be having a glucose challenge test, it's a test that will assess my body's ability to adequately process sugar during my pregnancy. So they will let me drink 5 oz of glucola. And then they will draw sample of my blood after an hour. I'm hoping i could pass it since we don't have any diabetes in our family.

Oh well... I have nothing more to say for now, i'll be back to post again sometime.

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Ilocana said...

I thought about that too especially when I started getting viruses during blog hopping but hubby said don't. He said it's a good way to spend some of my spare times. And come to think of it, sayang naman. You worked hard to have yourself stablished such wonderful blogsite and not to mention having met friends on line? :)Yeah, stay ka lang, no one would ever dare to question you for not updating your site, he,he.

Hmm, glucose test, done that. Don't worry it taste like royal true orange(our soda sa Pinas?)Yun nga lang, it take a while, better bring something to read or ipod/mp3if you have.

Before I forget, got an award for you if you are interested. Pls. do check it out. Thanks.. Take care.