Friday, January 16, 2009

The Big U/S

Okay, so here it goes.... Yesterday was a big day for me and my husband, nope it's not our wedding day! lol! I had my ultrasound appointment yesterday and we found out our baby's gender and it is a GIRL! yay!!! My husband wasn't even surprised at all cuz he says he had a feeling he knew it all along that it was really a girl, in fact everytime he talk about the baby or when he talk to the baby on my tummy he referred to it as a girl. He was calling her princess all along... He told me he just needed a confirmation! He is really so happy cuz he got what he was hoping for. I didn't wait to tell the good news to my friends and my in-laws.

I called my in-laws in Iowa and my MIL got to answer the phone. The moment i told her that they're having their very first grand daughter She broke down and didn't say a word. She was just crying and speechless, i heard my FIL in the background asking her " what's goin on?" He sounded worried thinking that something went wrong with me and my husband. My MIL managed to tell him the good news and they were so ecstatic! That i even cried too while hearing my MIL sob for joy! This baby is like a dream come true to them after having four grand sons with my husband's siblings. Now i am imagining how my baby will be treated as she grow up, The whole family was just so excited to have a first grand daughter and a niece.

The same thing happened when i told the good news to my family in the Philippines. My mom was jumping and screaming for joy! Oh men! It makes me so happy to make them feel like that. This baby is really a blessing to us. I am so thankful that she is doin great inside me, everything looks good on the ultrasound. We just have to wait for our next appointment after a couple of weeks so the doctor can discuss to us everything on the ultrasound. Again i felt relieved seeing and knowing my baby is doing great. She was so active, she just kept on moving and even covered her face with her two hands while we were lookin at her on the screen. she's a bit camera shy! haha! We just can't wait to see her again soon.


DebbieDana said...

Hi Gles!

That's really good news! Congratulations to you and your husband!

I know for sure she'll be treated like a princess!

Stay healthy!

Lara said...

Congratulations for a baby girl! Me and hubby can't wait to find out our baby's gender too.

eva said...

wow great great news, congrats!

by the way got an award for you. hope you dont mind. thanks

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Nancy said...

congrats and best wishes for the baby girl. stay healthy, Gles!