Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not a total comeback

It has been a very long time since i updated this blog. Though sometimes i still open and browse through other blogs. Reading and blogwalking, looking for something new. I can't seem to find the energy to post something here. I don'tknow.... maybe i was just being lazy or can't think of what to talk about and blah to post. I thought of not updating this anymore but last time i open this blog it was PR2. How that happened? LOL

Well, an update about my life.... and my journey i am 12 weeks pregnant as of this time with my second baby. My two years old princess is soon to be a big sister. Right now she is not yet aware of that cuz when i ask her if she wanted a baby brother or a baby sister, her answer is she wanted a "meow!" But she knew that there is a baby in mommy's tummy. She sometimes talk to it while rubbing my tummy. I actually tell her what to say. I know she is going to be a good big sister.

We wanted a boy this time and we are hoping for that. But whatever God will bless us as long as it is a healthy baby we will love him/her unconditionally. I can't wait for us to know the gender though. I pray that this time there will be no more complications in my pregnancy cuz i don't want to go through what i have been at the first. It was traumatic but everything was worth it that is why i wanted to have another baby. And because we don't want Ashley to grow up alone.

On the other side of my life, until now i haven't got my driver's license yet. It is simply becuse i didn't get much practice that i needed. My husband is so busy. I planned to get it in the next couple of weeks but we got a new vehicle and it is a truck. I find it hard for me to drive a huge truck. So i guess i have to wait til i get my own small car. Besides my husband won't want me to drive his new truck.

So i guess that's it for an update. I don't know when is the next post coming but i will try. Cuz you know when laziness strikes.... it does get me! I can only write when my girl is napping. Just like right now.

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Nancy said...

Sis, it's ok to do an update once in a once in a week...

I've also been through that blogging inhibitions before kahit di ako preggy, hahah...But when opportunities knock on your door, mahirap tanggihan eh... I'm taking about direct advertisers kaya ngayon. I've been shopping for more domains to generate more blogs, hehe.